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$1000.00 Membership + 2.9% Service Fee

Banner Booster $1000.00

SKU: $1000.00 Membership + 2.9% Service Fee
    •  Townsend Booster Club membership
    •  Professionally made 3'x8' banner with your logo mounted in the gym of your choice
    •      - If you are a 2nd year member, a second banner will be mounted in the other gym. Banners will  remain in the gyms as long as you remain a Banner Booster -
    •  Rotating sponsorship of the athlete of the week listed on the clubs Facebook page 
    •  Marquee advertising spots
    •  Booster Page listing in post-season tournament programs
    •  Bulldog Banner Member plaque for your business
    •  2 Poster schedules per season (fall, winter, spring)
    •  4 Adult Regular Season Pass


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